Roast Ham with Honey Mustard & Chipotle

5th May 2019

Roast Ham with Honey Mustard & Chipotle


A Bank Holiday spent up on the Northumberland Coast this weekend resulted in loads of fresh air through walks on the beach, mammoth frisbee & football sessions, and even a bit of crabbing in the nearby rock pools.

This along with a bit of essential caravan maintenance and DIY resulted in some hefty appetites come Saturday lunch time.

There was only one option here to feed our hungry tribe….the North East’s renowned Ham & Pease pudding Stottie! I had fortunately pre cooked a large joint of ham the night before, (2 hours boiled in a pot with bay leaves and peppercorns), so all that was left was to source the obligatory stottie.

The stottie is a large round flattened bread that is synonymous with Newcastle and Northumberland baking. It was traditionally made to use up left over, day old dough, and as a result has a slightly denser, chewier texture. I love it!

Walking down the high street in Amble we stumbled across Trotters Family bakers, they sell a great range of breads, pies, pastries etc and luckily we snapped up the last 2 stotties for the day!

To add a little bit of interest to the ham I decided to finish it off by roasting it in the oven for about 45 minutes with a honey, Dijon mustard & Chipotles glaze. This gave the finished ham an absolutely fantastic flavour with just a bit of heat from the chipotles.

Sliced thickly and then stuffed into a wedge of stottie, with lashings of butter, pease pudding and a little coleslaw was just divine.

How do I make this?

  • Boil your joint of gammon covered in a large pan of water with bay leaves, a dozen black peppercorns & a cinnamon stick. Allow 30 minutes per 450g in weight.
  • once cooled, remove the elastic net that usually covers your gammon. Slice off any of the skin that may have been left on the ham, don’t remove all the fat as this will render down nicely when roasted.
  • score the remaining layer of fat into a crisis crossed diamond shape
  • to make the marinade, mix a tbsp olive oil, Dijon mustard 2 tsp, Chipotles en Adobo 1-2tsp, and a tbsp of runny honey in a bowl. Then brush or pour it over the ham covering the whole joint.
  • place in a oven 170c for about 45 minutes basting regularly until golden brown in colour.
  • slice thickly while still warm and devour with sandwich fillings of your choice!

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