28th January 2019



Guacamole these days is a well known component to the Friday/Saturday night tradition of chips & dips – you know, the usuals… tortilla or posh Kettle chips with cream cheese & chive, hummus, taramasalata (if you’re feeling adventurous), and of course Guacamole.

I have always found the shop bought version of Guacamole intensely disappointing though. I always approach it with excitement and high expectation with said chip in hand, only to find the insipid, slightly metallic tasting sauce a real let down.

Ok, so what’s the difference?

Proper homemade Guacamole, should be rich and creamy from really good quality, and really ripe Avocados (admittedly not always easy to get hold of consistently in this country!).

For me the initial texture should be followed up with a bit of a kick! This comes from finely chopped shallots or red onions, hot red chilli and I always add a bit of Garlic (normally half a clove).

Then after this assault on your taste buds, you need something to contrast and cool, and this comes through the zingy lime juice and coriander.

Give me 5 reasons why I should make this?

  1. It is sooooo easy! It will take less than 5 minutes to make
  2. The difference in taste is unbelievable and once you have tried it you will be hooked
  3. Avocado is genuinely good for you! #healthyfats
  4. Looks better on your table in a big pestle & mortar than in a flimsy plastic container with your posh crisps
  5. Inspire your friends and family to follow suit, so they won’t serve you the supermarket rubbish when you go round to theirs! 🙂

What can I do with this dip?

  • Serve it as mentioned above as a dip
  • Smother it inside tortillas with spicy chicken or beef
  • Great with nachos and tacos
  • Use it as your binding element in a good salad dressing
  • Amazing served with Garlicky King Prawns
  • If there’s any left over (unlikely) spread it on Sourdough bread the next morning with some poached eggs

How do I make this then?

  • Finely dice some banana shallots or red onion & 1 red chilli – (remove seeds if you don’t want it too hot)
  • If you have a large pestle and mortar get these mashed up with half a clove of garlic and a good sprinkling of salt (maldon is a good choice)
  • Add some ripe tomato (if you wish) and continue to pound into a mush
  • Add 1 – 2 avocados and mash up (can use a fork to do this if you prefer)
  • Add a squeeze of lime juice and sprinkle with coriander
  • Check seasoning and add more salt, lime, or garlic as you see fit

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