Chickpeas with lemon & garlic

16th February 2019

Chickpeas with lemon & garlic

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This recipe for Chickpeas with lemon & garlic is a perfect accompaniment to a whole host of dishes. It really needs to be made with dried chickpeas for the best results so a little planning ahead is required.


The broth that is created whilst cooking this dish is fantastic and can be eaten straight from the pan hot, or my preference is to let it cool in the fridge overnight. The next day, the flavours will have intensified and you really get the lemon and garlic coming through.

This is a simple recipe and really the chickpeas need to be added to perhaps a salad, used alongside a great tagine dish, or stuffed into warm homemade pittas.

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How do I make this then?

  1. First of all soak the dried chickpeas in cold water for at least 12 hours – this recipe uses 500g of chickpeas, this make a large batch, you can quite easily just reduce the recipe by half if you want a smaller quantity
  2. Once the chickpeas have soaked overnight, rinse and put in a large pot with a litre of water
  3. Add the finely sliced white onion, cloves of garlic, bay leaf and lemon rind
  4. Adds a large pinch of salt and pepper drizzle with the Olive Oil (needs to be a good quality extra virgin) and cook on the hob for around about 2 hours, replacing liquid as it evaporates.

Chickpeas with Lemon & Garlic

16th February 2019
: 6-8
: 12 hr
: 2 hr
: 14 hr
: Easy

Dried chickpeas cooked in a flavoursome broth, great for tasty lunches and accompaniments for other dishes


  • 500g Chickpeas
  • 6 cloves Garlic
  • 3-4 strips of lemon rind
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 4 tbsp Good Olive Oil
  • Step 1 Soak the chickpeas in water overnight – at least 12 hours
  • Step 2 Rinse and then put in a pan with 1 ltr of water
  • Step 3 finely slice the large white onion and add to the pan
  • Step 4 Peel and lightly crush the cloves of garlic and add to the pan
  • Step 5 Add 3-4 strips of lemon rind
  • Step 6 season well with salt & pepper and add the bay leaf
  • Step 7 Add the Olive oil and then bring up to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for approx 2 hours.
  • Step 8 Add extra water if necessary and once cooked check the seasoning. Need to be quite generous with the salt to bring out all the flavour.


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